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C4 Picasso 2007 Semi Auto Diesel Gearbox

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Posted 24 February 2020 - 09:39 PM

Citroen C4 Picasso 2007 Diesel Semi Auto Gearbox 1.6


2 Years and 4000 miles ago Citroën Wimbledon changed Clutch kit, DM Flywheel and slave cylinder.


Please help! I have a Citroen C4 Picasso 2007 Diesel Semi Auto with Gearbox related issues. The Clutch kit was replaced 4000 miles ago. A few weeks back Gearbox Faulty message kept on coming on the screen and one day the gearbox stopped working.

It’s my dad's car and I feel guilty as this issue started after I was trying to remap the car for fuel economy and hooked up a Kess V2 Chinese on OBD port and as soon as I clicked on the software to read the ID file, the gearbox threw faulty message on the dash. I have learned this lesson the hard way and have binned the clone Kess V2 kit but now I am stuck with my dad's car and can’t fix it. Called a few gearbox experts around Heathrow area but no one appears to have the ability or understanding to guide me or to fix it for a fee.

Now the situation is this that the gear changer stick when moved in D shows A1 on the screen but after 2 sec changes the display from A1 to N and car does not move. I have Diagbox and Autel DS808 but both fail on Depressurising the Gearbox on the Gearbox programming section. The code throwing up are codes related to gearbox and clutch not programmed. I can’t go ahead to redo the programming as the gearbox fails on depressurization. Any help?

Really appreciate all your help. New update is that I used Lexia 3 with Diagbox to do the Gearbox programming and then the Clutch biting point adjustment, but it has been failing on decompression part. I also used AutelDS808 and it also tried to start the decompression of gearbox, but it failed too. Lot of times these two errors keeps appearing P0949 and P1800. After clearing dtc codes when the shift leaver is moved from N to A, these two codes come up again. New development in this case is that even after I had a battery stabilizer on the car battery and all the time batt voltage was more than 12.7 volts the car went into economy mode. I managed to deactivate the mode via BSI to continue the diagnostics but now the car does not start and always shows that it’s in A1 while the gear shift leaver is in N. Whatever I do I am unable to start the car as it is not supposed to start if is not in N. I did test the gear shift leaver on live data and on moving the lever from N to A it did show the change in live data also from N to R, so the gear lever is sending the command to ecu but the gear does not change. Before we got the clutch, kit changed 4000 miles ago, I used to do the clutch bite point adjustment via Diagbox, and the original complaint of clutch juddering used to go away for a few hundred miles.

The system does not allow me to depressurize or pressurize the system, it fails.

Used Snap-On tool and found these codes P1800 , P0949 , P0919. Have looked at cables, fuses, connectors but no luck. When Snap-On tool is used to shift gear from A1 to N, it shows that it’s trying but, in the end, fails, I can’t hear any noise from gearbox or actuators when the tool is trying to change the gears. I am bit desperate as have spent £1400 2 years back getting the Clutch kit changed from Citroen thinking that they will put all original kit and will not dodge me but now after 2 years and 4000 miles I am stuck with a car which is nonstarter and gear stuck in A1. Calling all experts and offering this as a challenge, please help me fix this and I can even offer a fee for your time and efforts. Please help. I am desperate.


please contact me via PM or forum.


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Posted 25 February 2020 - 05:34 PM

Boy-O-boy- you've got yourself some problem here! I guess that you've done the BSI reset [battery disconnect/ leave/ reconnect.] Sad truth is that the fix is likely to be simple- but finding what that fix is will be near impossible.

And the danger is from 'mechanics' who will investigate, but without any guarantees and charging whatever they chose.

Should you find an auto box specialist that has the first clue please let us know.

Time to jump ship?

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