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Running fault - Please Help!!!

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Posted 04 May 2018 - 09:20 PM

Hi Everyone,


Firstly let me apologise. My fault is not with my Pic which is still going strong, it's with my Daughter's Pug 206 1.4i 2000 (Y reg). You guys were my first thought for online advice.


For some time now its had a misfire and the em light would come on and off. This problem was only once in a while and not really a concern. It has gradually got worse until it actually cut out on a roundabout. It is now out of action.
The symptoms are as follows:
When it's cold it is perfect. It only starts to happen after about 4 miles, in fact i can pretty much say at which point on my journey it would start to play up so it must only happen once it's reached a certain temp. It starts to stutter, not continuously, just a hiccup every five seconds or so, then about a mile later the em light will come on and off and the stuttering will last about 2 seconds then clear for several seconds. Over the next few miles the stuttering becomes longer and more frequent. After about another mile it becomes useless, hardly even managing to tick over. To me it doesn't feel like it's running on three cylinders or anything. It's much too rough for that. Feels like it's all cylinders, almost like fuel starvation or something.
I phoned peugeot and the technician said it's probably electrical and would likely be the injector loom or a fuse. If it's fine when it's cold how can it be electrical?
The first fault code I had was P0300 - Powertrain Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected. After replacing the coil pack and then the spark plugs the code  has not come back but the running problem is unchanged. I now get a P0200 - Powertrain injector circuit code which won't go away.
I have had all the injectors out and checked for resistance. They all measure the same (about 16 Ohms I think). I have checked the injector loom for continuity while gently twisting and bending it but it seems fine. I have unplugged and cleaned every connector I can see around the engine.
I have checked for air leaks and stuff but I am really struggling. I can't afford to waste money on parts unnecessarily but I can't afford another car either.
This is really doing my head in. Can anyone suggest a possible solution.
Any advice very much appreciated.

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Posted 12 May 2018 - 05:56 AM


Some suggestions, the TU series engine is relatively simple. But sometimes crack a few heads with tiny details. Don´t ask... LOL :-)


- First get a vacuum gauge, if not already. It´s damn cheap and priceless to evaluate an engine condition.

- Cracked / misplaced hoses, specially vacuum, sometimes a nightmare to evaluate. I had cracked hoses that only "showed" up after getting warm, expand and flex. 

- Injectors can be electrically OK, but mechanically off, O-rings cracked (fuel leak). Any chance to measure them cold and warm might help pin point the problem. 

- TPS - Throttle position sensor, very typical culprit also. 

- Ground connections, always the traditional culprit. Measure voltage drop in the suspicious connections.  

- Not sure if done already, check the pins/ plugs in the ECU for corrosion. That P0200 might be pointing to it.

- Fuel pressure/filter

- Blocked fuel breathing/canister 

- Last but not least, crank sensor clean / check.


You didn´´t mention but how is the exhaust? Smoke, which color. Dripping, smell... 


Edit: Silly me, how could I forget. The double start relay (brown), check and double check. ;-)


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Posted 14 May 2018 - 11:43 AM

It does seem like it is a heat related fault.   Have you checked all the connections to the ECU as above ?  
I found this: https://www.berlingo...read-10235.html  that may inform you.... or not  :)


Someone on the web, mentioned an Injector Driver, but I don't know where this is: